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Best Games Similar to Tag After School

Best Games Similar to Tag After School

Tag After School is an exciting and innovative game developed for those looking for an immersive career-oriented gaming experience. The game revolves around the character Shota-Kun and allows players to make decisions that shape their paths in life, from high school to adulthood. Players are given the freedom to plan their lives as they see fit, utilizing their time in a way that best suits them. In Tag After School, players explore a Japanese haunted school at night, where they must fight off enemies and complete challenges.

Mother May I

This classic game is great for groups of all sizes and ages, with the players standing in a circle or line and taking turns asking the “mother” for permission to do something. The goal is to be the first one to reach a certain point. The mother can allow or deny requests and give special instructions like taking giant steps, hopping on one foot, etc.

Duck Duck Goose

A great game to get the kids running around, Duck Duck Goose involves the players sitting in a circle while one person walks around tapping each person’s head while saying “Duck”. When they tap someone and say “Goose” that person has to stand up and chase after them in an effort to tag them before they make it back around to their seat.

Steal the Bacon

This active game involves two teams who attempt to steal a ball from each other by sneaking up into the other team’s territory without being tagged by someone from that team. The team who manages to steal the ball first wins!

Red Light Green Light

Popular among children of all ages, this game requires players to line up at one end of a designated area while one player stands at the other end and acts as the caller. The caller will shout out “Green Light!” which means that all players can start moving towards them until they shout out “Red Light!” which means everyone must stop immediately or else they are out of the game!

Capture the Flag

An old favorite, Capture The Flag is perfect for larger groups of kids looking for an exciting game outdoors! It involves two teams who each have their own flag with players attempting to capture their opponents' flag while defending their own at all costs!

10 Feb 2023