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Tag After School
  • Developer: StandAppStudio
  • Genre: Horror
  • Version: 2.0
User Rating: Rating 4.48

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Release Date
Dec 25, 2022
Windows, iOS, Android


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Matthew Nelson

Tag After School is an exciting career-oriented gaming platform developed by a group of Japanese developers. This game is based on decisions we make in life to shape our future. It revolves around the main character Shota-Kun, who is sent alone to a haunted school to complete a challenge that can potentially turn his life upside down. It's a unique game with stunning graphics, great gameplay, and a high replayability value.


The graphics of Tag After School download are stunning and beautiful. It has an immersive 3D environment with detailed textures that makes the game truly captivating. The characters are also well-designed with realistic animations and expressions which add more life to the game. The lighting effects are also very good and the overall atmosphere gives a creepy feeling which makes it even more interesting. The graphics of Tag After School game are quite remarkable. The game has an interesting and mysterious atmosphere that makes you feel like you are really exploring a haunted school. The characters are detailed and have realistic movements, making it more immersive for players. The backgrounds are detailed with an eerie feeling that will keep you on your toes while playing the game. Additionally, the lighting effects used create an even more intense atmosphere as darkness seems to be lurking around every corner.


The gameplay of Tag After School free is quite interesting and challenging. You have to explore the haunted school in search of different items that will help you in completing your challenge. You also have to be aware of your enemies as they will try their best to stop you from reaching your goal. This requires quick thinking, strategizing, and making effective decisions that will ultimately shape your career path in the future. As players progress through their journey, they will be rewarded with items such as torches that assist in spotting enemies or special items that can help combat them better. Furthermore, players for download Tag After School will be able to make decisions throughout the game which will ultimately shape their career paths and determine their fate within the story.


The product offers an exciting multiplayer mode where you can team up with other players and take on missions together. You can interact with each other while playing and strategize together to come up with effective plans for completing difficult levels faster. This makes it more fun and adds more excitement as you have people around you who can help you out when stuck in certain situations or when faced with difficult enemies. This mode Tag After School PC is especially great at adding intensity as well as providing an added layer of strategy when considering how each player should approach different scenarios in order to stay alive while progressing through levels together.


The app has high replayability value as there are many levels, missions, and challenges that require different approaches each time you play them again. You can also earn rewards for completing certain levels or objectives which give additional incentives for playing them again for better rewards or higher scores than before. The combination of these two features Tag After School free play makes it so that each playthrough can feel unique which makes it so much more enjoyable when replaying this title over and over again!


  • What kind of environment do I play in?
    Players will explore a Japanese haunted school, where they will face enemies and find items to help them complete their challenge.
  • What is the goal of the Tag After School download PC game?
    The goal of the game is for players to complete the challenge set by a senior girl to spend one whole night alone in the haunted school while avoiding enemies and staying safe until morning.
  • How will my decisions affect my career path?
    Your decisions in the game will reflect on your career path, and if you choose wisely it can lead you closer to your goals and dreams in life.
  • Are there any rewards for completing Tag After School Windows game?
    Yes! Players are rewarded with items, as torches that help them spot and defeat enemies, as well as points that can be used for upgrades or other rewards within the game itself!
  • Is it suitable for all ages?
    The APK was designed for young teenagers aged 13-17 years old, so it may not be suitable for those younger or older than this age range.


All in all, Tag After School game download is an impressive game with great graphics, challenging missions, immersive multiplayer mode and high replayability value that make it a must-play title for anyone looking for an exciting gaming experience while improving their decision-making skills at the same time!


  • A unique and exciting gaming platform that allows players to explore their career paths and shape their adult lives
  • An interesting storyline revolving around a timid high school student, Shota-Kun, who is sent on a challenge to explore a haunted school at night
  • Players get different items like torches to help them spot enemies and deal with them as they progress through the game
  • Players get to make decisions that have an impact on their life goals, providing them with a realistic experience of how decisions affect their future


  • The graphics of the game are not up to par with other games in the same genre
  • The difficulty level may be too hard for some players, making the game inaccessible for certain players

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